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International Freight Tips: Shipping From Houston to Kuwait


You may already have some idea of the restrictions you generally run into with international shipping, but it’s always good to get a reminder! Shipping to Kuwait is a particularly specific process, but one that is relatively direct if approached with the right know-how.

Here is some notable general information as well as selected key tips for handling international freight shipping from Houston, Texas to Kuwait:

Familiarize Yourself With Shipping Restrictions

As we’ll address momentarily, Houston freight shipping to Kuwait requires applying for one or more import licenses. But before you start that process, it’s worth knowing whether or not you’ll even be able to ship your goods to Kuwait!

Here are some prohibited goods particularly notable for Houston freight shipping, as outlined by the U.S. government’s updated resource on Kuwait:

***Special Note: Different Kuwaiti ministries handle restrictions for different restricted items. When you apply for your general import license, get specific about your goods and ask if a secondary license is required.***

Apply For Permits Before Shipping

Despite the restrictions above, many items that can’t be shipped internationally to many locations are actually eligible for importation into Kuwait as long as you apply for the proper licenses beforehand!

All imports first require a general import license. This lasts for a year, covers multiple shipments, and is renewable.

Separate licenses are required for (but not limited to) the following items, selected as potentially relevant for international freight shipping from Houston, Texas:

Finalizing Your Houston Freight Shipping Plan

Finally, you items must be packed properly to handle the rigors of international shipping. Even the best Houston freight shipping firm still has to subject your goods to customs — essentially, into third party hands — so you’ll want to use heavy-duty packing techniques that protect your shipped items from unforeseen circumstances.

For Houston freight shipping, using a reliable, experienced local shipping company to handle your goods straight from the packing stage is ideal. Don’t leave it up to chance; get a professional involved from the first step!

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