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We’re Shipping to China More Than Ever Before

Changes in worldwide trade have led to China’s rapidly rising status as an influential economic presence. Local businesses are finding themselves shipping from Houston to China more and more, meaning they must know Houston international shipping regulatons! Private citizens as well are more likely than ever to end up sending large items to Chinese customers or friends, so they to must know how this shipping process works.

International freight service from Houston to China is a major area of growth for shippers. However, the relatively new habit of doing regular business with Chinese citizens means not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of shipping from Houston to China.

Here are some basic tips that should be especially helpful for making sure your items make it through the rigors of shipping and handling smoothly when shipping from Houston to China.

Know Which Items Are Restricted

China is increasingly open for trade, but remains a relatively managed economy. More than most shipping destinations, it’s helpful to know going in which items you can and can’t ship to China from Houston.

The U.S. government provides a regularly updated summary of notable restrictions here. Most of the key details are in this article, including important resources for contacting Chinese agencies directly.

Here are some select restricted items that may be particularly beneficial to know:

Know Your Textile Restrictions

This is relevant particularly for businesses. China has very specific guidelines for the import of textiles, with export limits on many raw materials for industrial goods.

In addition to the U.S. export article linked above, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce maintains a full list of restricted textiles here. This article is in Chinese, so you may have to use your browser’s translation feature to read it.

For Houston businesses, some key textile restrictions for freight service from Houston to China are:

Minimize Risk With a Specialized Freight Service

Freight service from Houston to China is an inevitably rough trip for your items! This is due to the long trip as well as the need to process through customs, a portion of the path to your recipient that U.S. shippers have no role in.

Using a shipper that specializes in international shipping is a huge help in making sure your items are packed properly for the rigors of the trip.

Find a freight service Houston businesses rely on regularly, and let them handle the packing process. This eliminates any errors an inexperienced international shipper might run into, and it ensures your freight items will make it smoothly through the customs process.

If you have any further questions about Houston international shipping to China, don’t hesitate to contact us today!