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International Freight and the Attractions of Israel


Located in the Middle East and south of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is considered one of the most divine countries on Earth. Israel borders The Dead Sea, also referred in Hebrew as “Yam Melakh”, which means the Sea of Salt. It has been a place of popularity for tourists to travel for relaxation and to experience the benefits and medical advantages of the water. The state of Israel has also become one of the best-industrialized and economically developed countries, offering relaxation for tourists and business opportunity for international cargo.

Marc Chagall: The Chagall Windows

The state of Israel offers a contemporary and modern display of art, and is very dynamic with many different cultural traditions. Israel is also known for many of their contemporary art museums, especially the Litvak Gallery, which showcases Israeli and international artists in the field of glass art.

The Chagall Windows are some of the most important series of Marc Chagall, and are also referred to as The Twelve Marquette’s of Stained Glass Windows. The Chagall Windows of Jerusalem are a known attraction for tourists and represent a beautiful and intricate depiction of the twelve tribes of Israel, each being descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob. The masterpiece can be viewed at the Hebrew University Medical Center.

International Freight and Cargo in Israel

Israel has ocean freight routes and has imported approximately billions of goods, including diamonds and military equipment. There are two ocean freight routes for international cargo in Israel. Port Ashdod is one of these ports, and the other is The Port of Haifa. The Port of Haifa is Israel’s largest international shipping port and one of the busiest ports of the eastern Mediterranean in terms of international freight volume. Port Haifa can service many ships and is included with several cargo terminals.

 Learn More About International Freight in Israel

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