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FACT:  45% of all moves happen between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., is a complete packing and moving service. You can pack yourself, or you can hire Pack-n-Send, Inc., to pack your belongings for you.

In this blog today, we are going to offer you some really quick tips that are the most important things that you should remember when planning a summer move. If you are looking for more details concerning your summer move, we will also be providing additional links throughout the blog.

Top Reasons Why a Summer Move is Preferred

With the weather being the hottest during the summertime, it is still not surprising to find the volume of moving that takes place during this peak season.

The Advantage of a Weekday Move

Dangerous Items a Moving Company Will Not Pack and Move

Oxygen bottles
Propane Cylinders

Children’s Involvement

A move can sometimes be hard for a child. Allowing them to sort and pack their own belongings can help build up excitement toward your new move.

Working to sort items for donations or for the many yard sales that are prevalent during the summer months are other ways a child can enjoy being a part of the move. You want this transition to run as smoothly as possible, which can relieve a lot of undue stress for the whole family!

Here is a previous blog that will offer you more detailed help during your moving process.

Concern for Pets

When having your residence packed up, consider designating a room that your pet(s) are familiar with while all the moving activity is happening around them.

Our previous blog offers further advice concerning Keeping Your Pets Safe During a Move!

Dress for the Weather

Water and More Water!!!

Even when supervising your movers, you will need plenty of water. You can become busy and the children so excited, you may forget to take the time to hydrate! Dehydration can be avoided by making sure that you have a full day of water on hand.

Easy Checklist

Make a checklist of what services you need to have turned off and turned on.

Address Change Contact List

Your mail will be delivered to your new address for a short period of time, but you will eventually have to get in touch with all of your business contacts manually. You may be able to simply go online, but others may require forms be mailed in. Here is a link with a printable checklist that you can download and print out:

Change Your Address Everywhere On This Printable Checklist When You Move

Summer can be Muy Caliente!Very Hot! Following the important tips given here will keep you safe during the summer moving climate, and will help with the stressful moving transition for the children and pets!

Pack-n-Send, Inc., always stands ready to give you guidance and help with your big move!

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