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 shipping artwork Taft McWhorter.jpgBy now you are likely a veteran on sending a variety of items. You’ve mailed letters, forms, and even gifts for friends and family. However, these “usual” items are not the only things you may need to deliver. Even if you lack a large disposable income, you can find yourself responsible for shipping a statue, painting, or another art item by land or sea. Offices often benefit from a scenic oil painting, and attics are often full of inherited art-work that can be sold or gifted. In any case, we feel it is important to discuss the sort of “art shipping” services we often provide here in Houston.

First, we recommend that you make certain your artwork is securly packed inside of a box or a custom built crate. 

Lastly, once you have your art object prepared make sure you use the shipping services that are right for you. An irregular shape will need a custom box or even shipping crates for maximum protection. In the case of a small, light item, a standard shipping box may be all you require. However, if your object is heavy or particularly fragile a crate may be the only way to guarantee your item’s transit. Freight services may also be needed in this case. A good rule of thumb, if you are shipping an object that is particularly expensive don’t second-guess whether to spend more on custom-packaging. A made for order crate will cost more, but it will be worth it when your item arrives safely. 

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