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001.jpgMoving one piece of furniture should be simple right? It’s just one piece of furniture. However, it may not be quite as simple as it sounds. You don’t need to use a whole moving truck but you also can’t just do it on your own, especially if that piece of furniture needs to be moved across the country or even the world. For example, you can’t just strap a piano on top of your Prius and drive it to another state. You are probably going to need some professional help. However, there are several approaches one might take to ship a single piece of furniture.

First, a shipping company can offer a small load moving truck. This is a good option for many who are shipping within the continental U.S. A shipping company can blanket wrap the furniture so it arrives in the same condition it left in. This would be a perfect option for grandparents who live in Houston but want to send a bed from their home to their daughter in Virginia for her own daughter to use. Even if the grandparents are flying in for a visit in the near future, it isn’t like they can bring a bed with them. It’s important when you are shipping one piece of furniture to make sure you find a shipping company that does not have a minimums for shipping loads. 

Another way you can ship furniture across country  is to have a shipping company palletize your furniture or crate it to be shipped by freight. This is definitely the option you would need to take if you were shipping overseas or shipping something fragile. A shipping company can create a custom pallet for a single piece of furniture like a dresser to make sure it arrives safely at its destination. Consider freight from Houston, versus moving from Houston as an example. You need to analyzie the city that you are shipping from, as well as the city that you are shipping to.

Whether you decide to send you want to ship one piece of furniture via freight or on a moving truck, the right shipping company will make sure your furniture gets to the destination unscathed and won’t mind shipping a single piece of furniture versus a whole load. Contact us today at Pack-n-Send for more information.