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Learning how to ship equipment to a new office that is in another city is something that takes a bit of research. Here are some of the important techniques to consider. 

Palletized packing  is ideal for furniture, printers and multiple computers. You can place these items either on standard forty eight  inch  by forty inch pallet  or on a custom built platform.

Standard box shipping will be a good choice for office items, such as office supplies and old files. You can cut down your costs by shipping all of the boxes at one time. If you have multiple boxes, you may be able to load these onto a pallet and ship the boxes via freight.

If you are wondering how to ship equipment that includes high value equipment, such as electronics, consider using custom built crates. If you don’t have your own valuation coverage  for high-end equipment, ask your packing  and shipping company if they can provide it. Work with a company that has experience shipping high value equipment. As a Houston furniture shipper, we pick up and pack all over the United States.

There are other options out there. For a large office move, you can request a dedicated  moving truck. Your office furniture, supplies and computers will be the only items on the truck. It will be a direct move from your old office to your new office.  Or, if you have a small amount of furniture, you can put it on a small load moving truck. These trucks do not have a minimum amount of furniture or a minimum charge associated with them.

The process of moving from one office to an office that is not in the same city will run smoothly if you choose the right packing and shipping company. That’s why custom shipping companies are a great idea. They work with you to dissemble and pick up items to prepare them for shipping on your schedule. 

Please contact us if your needs fit neatly into any of these categories. If they do not fit into any of the above categories, contact us and we will help you decide on your best moving option. We enjoy the opportunity to work on unique challenges when closing down offices and facilitating equipment shipping. We have been packing in Houston since 1981 and help companies throughout the United States.