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How To Ship a Dining Room Set

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Moving Furniture is a Daunting Task

It’s funny how your perfectly scaled furniture turns into Jurassic Park when you’re facing a move. The nicely proportioned sideboard fits beautifully between the windows in your dining room and the mirror above it is sublime, but when you start thinking of actually moving things out and onto a truck and then into a new house, it gets overwhelming fast. 

The thought of how to ship a dining room set can be the most daunting, since you’ve got several large pieces, chairs, and the accompanying china and crystal to consider. If you’re moving locally, your things will be blanket wrapped for moving; if it’s a longer distance, then they can be either blanket wrapped and move with a traditional moving truck or wrapped and put on a pallet and shipped via freight.  The only items that may need to be crated  are glass or marble top tables or sculptures.

What’s The Best Way To Ship a Dining Room Set?

Most modern large furniture is built to come apart. If you are moving yourself and space is at a premium, look underneath the table and you’ll probably see where the legs detach. Same thing for a hutch or secretary or corner cupboard–they’re really two pieces, and will be taken apart to wrap and move. It’s not a bad idea to keep Ziploc bags handy for the hardware–the last thing you need is to lose the screws for the table legs.

If your table has a marble or glass top, that will be removed and wrapped in bubble wrap before putting them inside a custom built box or crate.  Mirrors can be blanket wrapped and if you have a chandelier, you may want to hang it inside of a custom built box.

One of the reasons you’ll want the moving company to move you is because they have experience moving valuable items. If you tell them you have eight dining chairs and they assume they’re all wood side chairs, imagine the surprise when they get to your house and find eight large upholstered armchairs that take up as much room on the truck as the rest of your dining room. Give the movers a true list of the items that you need moved, or show them everything when they come out to give you an estimate.

Obviously you’ll clear out the china cabinet, sideboard, and silver chest so those fragile and valuable things can be individually wrapped and packed.  If you are packing yourself, mark the boxes as fragile and do not over pack these boxes.  You can also ask your mover to come out a day ahead of the move and professionally pack your valuable belongings.

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