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Houston, Texas is now the 4th largest metropolitan area in the United States with nearly 7 million inhabitants MSA List. It sprawls across 667 square miles of Texas landscape  So how do you look for the right packing, shipping or moving company?  Look for a company that has been in business a long time. Make sure that they have experience packing and moving the types of items that you need to go to a new location.

Pack n send in Houston  started in 1981  with just 400 square feet of space, and now sprawl over 8.400 square feet.  Look for a company like this, that started years ago and has steadily grown and has years of shipping experience.

Do they  specialize in business shipping as businesses ship more often than consumers, and use all the major carriers?  Does the company  also manage consumer needs as well? Your new job is across the country and starts in a week is not a problem. Either a blanket wrap move truck, or a freight truck can transport your belongings.

Can they ship your car as well?

Everyday, it seems, a small business changes its location. Find a company that can  move those possessions. They also need to have experience dealing with  larger corporations.
Whether they are transporting  the furniture, the glassware, the corporate signage, and the marble statues in front of the building, the company that you choose needs to have experience moving the items that you need moved.  Companies that have experience working with sports teams possessions  will have experience both moving and dealing with customers high value items..

Are you an auction house?  Ask if the freight preparation company has  shipped the estate items you just sold. For more tips about freight and shipping, please read our pages on Freighting and Shipping.

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