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Houston Shipping for Antiques and Artwork

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Are you an individual or business that collects or sells antiques? Oftentimes if you want to get your hands on the best antiques with the richest history, buying antiques from art auctions and antique auctions and using antique shipping is the best way to get the items where you want them to go. 

Antiques and Artwork From Around the World

While there are many years worth of historical items in the U.S., there is a wealth of antiques overseas as well. People often have antiques and artwork shipped over from England and Europe. This is often how precious treasures from Europe end up in auctions or for sale by private individuals here in the States. Shipping artwork must be done very carefully to preserve these precious pieces of history. 

Perhaps part of the reason why we tend to be fascinated by antiques is that even the settlers had antiques sent overseas from their homes in England. Nowadays, auction houses   in Houston are great places to find antique furniture for your home or business.  

Art collectors who are looking for paintings may enjoy paintings from English painters like Thomas Hudson, Mary Hoare, and John Shackleton. Thomas Hudson was a well-known English portrait painter who’s portraits are in famous institutions all over the world; Mary Hoare created many paintings of scenes from Shakespearean plays; and John Shackleton is another famous portrait painter from England. 

Shipping Antiques or Artwork? Contact Pack n Send!

If you are looking for antique shipping in Houston for a work of art or piece of antique furniture, contact us at Pack n Send today. We have over 30 years of experience shipping antiques, artwork, and other valuables. We will safely move your piece from the auction house or from a private sale into your own home or business, preserving all that wonderful history as well!