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packing china.jpgWhen it comes to packing and shipping fragile items like china or crystal, you may not trust yourself to pack it in a way that ensures it arrives in one piece. That is why many people turn to professional packers and shippers for fragile items like these. Houston packing services include fragile shipping of one piece of china or an entire set, from one family member to another or for an online sale. 

The Packing and Shipping Process

The process for packing and shipping china is very detailed and important. The process guarantees the items arrive safely to their destination. To begin, a packing company following best practices will double bubble wrap each piece. Then these pieces will go into a box. This box is then placed in a larger box and packing peanuts are placed between the two boxes for extra cushioning. The double wrapping and double boxing may seem excessive, but you can’t be too careful with family heirlooms and expensive gifts.

Who Typically Ships China and Crystal?

While shipping china might initially seem like something one would want to avoid, it is actually quite common. People managing an estate often disperse china among family members when a loved one dies or is downsizing. Friends and family commonly ship crystal, china, or stemware as wedding gifts also. And because china is so valuable, people often sell it on eBay, other online outlets, or at auctions. If you find yourself in any of these situations, it’s important to find a packing and shipping company with a great reputation for working with fragile items. 

Other fragile items are packed with similar methods—like chandeliers, lamps, antiques, and sculptures. For more information about fragile shipping in Houston or Houston packing servicescontact us today at Pack-n-Send.