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Small load moving trucks are not, themselves, small. These trucks instead offer a service to multiple families from the same general area who are moving to the same general area. They pack up the small loads from each family onto the same truck and then provide drop-off one by one.

Moving companies.jpg While this may make you worry that you will have to find other families to move with, fear not: small load moving companies do all of the organizing for you. They generally set rates according to the distance of moves, the amount of space that your belongings will take up in the truck, and how many others are moving from your area to your new area at the same time.

Freight trucks are different insofar as they often ship with additional items, and are not exclusively used by families who are moving. Indeed, freight truck moving is usually a service offered by freight trucking companies that do lots of other business. Furniture will  be placed on pallets in order to be transported properly. Drop off can be  often curbside, but they should  also offer to do inside drop-off for another additional charge.

If you are looking for Houston moving companies to help with your next move, you are probably overwhelmed by the number of different options available to you, from renting a U-Haul to differentiating between the different types of moving services. Knowing the differences between them is important for getting the most out of your money. When looking for a small load mover in any city, ask if the mover can pack as well as move your belongings for you. If you have high value belongings, ask if the mover can build a custom build box or a custom built wood crate for your move.

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