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 small load moving.pngWhether you are moving a large amount of furniture or a small amount of furniture, a Houston furniture shipper offers moving advice for shipping furniture out of town.

Look at your moving options. You can hire a professional company to pack and unpack you. When moving a small amount of furniture, see if you can move the furniture on a small load moving truck or have it delivered with curbside delivery.

A  truck that moves a small amount for furniture cross country, will come inside your home and put the furniture on a  moving truck. They will also deliver the furniture inside of your new home.  A company that picks up and freights your furniture, will come inside your home and pick up your furniture. The difference here is that they will wrap your furniture, place it on pallets and then ship it to your new residence.

  The freight company will arrange to drop off your furniture, while it is still on the pallet. This is called a curbside delivery. It is often a less expensive furniture shipping option.  Especially to either rural, mountainous, or  locations in rural Maine and Oregon this option should save on your moving costs.  You can request an inside delivery when you freight furniture, but this adds to your moving and shipping costs.

Small load moving trucks in general are not as date specific as using a freight truck to move your furniture. 

With both small load moving  and freight shipping of furniture, you have the option to purchase valuation coverage in case of loss or damage during the move.  We recommend hiring a professional packing company to pack your high value or delicate items that go inside boxes.  To save on your move, you can pack your own clothing and bedding.

For more information about move alternatives,  feel free to contact pack n send.