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The largest chandelier in the world hangs inside a Grand Mosque in Oman, weighing an unbelievable 8.5 tons. In 2014 the largest outdoor chandelier was hung in Cleveland Ohio above The Playhouse Square. It boasts 4200 crystals and weighs 6000 lbs. Chandeliers were first used during medieval times and they originally used candles as the source of light. Everything changed in the 18th century with gas and electric lighting. Most homes don’t have chandeliers of this size and weight, however, some business’s across America do. 

If your business has a need to pack and transport something of that magnitude whether you are  shipping in Houston or around the globe, it’s best to call a team of professionals properly trained and with the right equipment for the job. Ideally someone who specializes in shipping fragile, valuable, and unusual items. If you have ever wondered how you would even begin to pack and move something of that size and fragility, it would begin with a customized crate.

The wood crate would be created leaving several inches of space on all sides, top, and bottom. It would be specially prepared so that the chandelier could hang inside the crate. Add one inch of Styrofoam inside of the crate.

Next step, remove the chandelier from the ceiling. This is an intricate part of the job. A licensed electrician is usually required to remove the chandelier from the ceiling.

The movers must pay special attention to the hardware and crystal finials and make sure to pack and store them safely.

On occasion the chandelier needs dismantling. Each case is on an individual basis. If dismantled each part removed is carefully bagged, labeled and numbered. Tape the bag carefully inside the crate to prevent contact with the chandelier.

Before you crate, feed a rope into the mounting area to hang the chandelier. Secure all wires and any excess chain so that it does not move during shipping.

With packing and shipping, it is never a one size fits all proposition, so there are variations in the process, depending on the shape and size of the chandelier. If are moving the chandelier domestically or are looking for international freight Houston, finding a professional wood crate builder is your key to getting your chandelier to you safely.

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Watch the video to see custom crate building for a chandelier! Building a crate