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Cargo can be moved on a ship, by air or in a motor vehicle.  Each mode of transportation requires specialized packing.  As a Houston commercial freight preparation company we analyze the best way to pack and ship every shipment. We will look at cargo packing when you have a variety of items to ship.

 While high value items may need to be placed into a custom built crate, some large items may only need to be placed on a pallet for shipping. We will discuss crate building later in this article.

For palletized shipping, the merchandise needs to be protected before it is strapped to a pallet. It may need to be placed inside of a box with Styrofoam, or it might need to be wrapped in cardboard. Each item you are shipping needs to be looked at to see how it needs to be packed before it is placed on the pallet. We recommend using metal strapping rather than plastic strapping. The metal strapping secures tighter to the pallet, and does not stretch as the pallet is move from truck to truck and into a warehouse. Once the items are loaded onto a pallet and secured, we recommend using black stretch wrap. As the pallet is transported, handlers are unable to see what merchandise is on the pallet.  

As for full wood crates, these come handy when you have either delicate items that are too heavy to  ship inside boxes, or high value items that need the extra protection while they are being shipped. The crate needs to be measured to the exact specifications for the item or items that you are shipping.  When shipping a slab of marble, the custom crate will need to be a different size than if you are moving an oil painting or a marble stature. To get the right fit for  a crate, you need to have the exact measurements before you build the crate. 

For information packing and loading pallets and custom crate building, feel free to contact pack n send.