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When shipping a work of art, there’s no doubt that you’re looking for a reliable company you can trust to safely deliver your package no matter where it’s being sent. Whether the art has a high dollar value or simply a high emotional value, you want to make sure it ends up at it’s destination in one piece! Houston art shipping experts know the best ways to package and crate different kinds of art, utilizing different methods and materials for wrapping and crating depending on the need.

Who Uses Shipping Companies to Ship Art?

Art needs to be shipped in all sorts of situations. Here are some common ones we see in the industry:

How Do Shipping Companies Transport Art?

Depending on the medium of the art, a shipping company will use different methods. Houston shipping experts can make custom crates for sculptures and other uniquely shaped works of art. For paintings, a custom crate is made to the exact dimensions of the painting.

The shipping company will also wrap paintings or drawings in a special paper for another layer of protection. If the work of art will be making a return trip (like it was just on loan for an exhibit), a shipping company will make a reusable crate so the art can return in the same crate it came in.

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If you need assistance with art shipping in Houston, contact us today at Pack n Send. We have decades of experience shipping valuable art for clients all over the world. When you use us to ship your art, you can rest assured that the process will be simple, fast, and most importantly, safe.