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Art shipping from Houston or from any city requires a high level of  both experience and expertise in packing delicate and valuable pieces of artwork.

You need to find a company that can pack sculptures, oil paintings  and even artwork that is on paper. There are so many different types of media that are used in artwork today, that each and every piece of art will need to be evaluated differently.  A sculpture that is created on trash bags will need to be treated differently than a sculpture made from marble. Customers that bring in oil paintings that are not totally dry,  will need to be advised that their art work will need to dry before it can be shipped. Until the piece is dry, they can send a picture of their completed piece to their ultimate buyer.  An experienced art work shipper will discuss your options with you.  They can discuss artwork that is transferred between museums and art work that is loaned to galleries for limited time display.

Why is this important you ask?  You only want to pay for the outer container one time if possible. Custom built wood crates are the preferred method for transport. They are reusable, and can be built for domestic art shipping or for shipping overseas.  Measurement must be exact so the crate or crates can be constructed to fit the piece of art that you are shipping. Blocking and bracing may need to be done for statutes.  Bubble wrap and one inch Styrofoam may be needed for extra cushioning during transport.


For large quantities of artwork that is being moved, a dedicated moving truck may be needed. The artwork will still need custom built boxes or crates.  An art handling company will be able to answer questions about appraisals and valuation coverage. Houston art shipping just requires a phone call to contact professional packing companies.

For information about fine art shipping Houston, please feel free to contact us.