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There is a little planning involved when you move into your new home.  Here are a few moving tips to help you get started. 

As soon as you close on your new home, we recommend changing the locks. This includes the locks on gates, the house itself and on the garage.

If the home has a security system already in place, change the numbers that you punch in when you enter and leave the house. If the security system is password based, change the password immediately.

Check out the smoke detectors. Most likely some will be hard wired.  New batteries should be installed in any battery operated units.  Mark on your calendar the date that the batteries need to be changed. You can always set up the schedule to change them when you move your clocks back and forward twice a year.  Add extra smoke detectors if needed.

Check out the expiration dates on the fire extinguishers that are already inside the house. You can hire a company to come out one time a year to review your smoke detectors and your fire extinguishers.

Ask neighbors to share the names of their lawn maintenance company.  You may receive a discount by using the same company that your neighbors use. You may be able to schedule your lawn service on the same day as  your neighbors service.

If the refrigerator came with an ice maker, you should change out the filter.  Record the date on your calendar so that you know when the filter will need to be replaced again.

These are just a few tips to help you get started living in your new home.  Please feel  free to contact us if you need a move, or any other moving advice. Household moving can go smoothly when you plan ahead.

At pack n send in Houston, we can help with your local Houston moves. We also are a small load mover and can move a single piece of furniture or a small amount of furniture from state to state. Whatever you move, we can help. Contact us today.