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A first impression doesn’t only relate to people, it is also a top selling point for a home buyer. One aspect of selling a home is to create an atmosphere which allows the buyer to become connected to the home, viewing it as their own. This is where home staging comes into play for the seller.

To begin the process of staging your home, your first step is to become the buyer. What would you, as a buyer, want to see when you walk through the front door? If you feel overwhelmed making this decision, you may want to hire a professional stager.

Whether you stage the home yourself or hire a professional home stager, there is some preparation involved on getting the home ready to sell.

Deep Cleaning – Because you will be moving out, clean the house as though you are just moving in. This includes cleaning windows, baseboards, door frames, marks around door knobs and light switches, wiping down kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shampooing any carpeted areas, dusting blinds, ceiling fans and every corner of your home.

Tip: begin cleaning high and end up low.

Decluttering – this is a great time to declutter! The place to begin is your entryway. If you are not sure how to go about decluttering, here are 28 tips on decluttering that actually work.

Tip: clean and sort throughout the house before purchasing containers. You may buy the wrong size and too many containers as well, making more clutter while also wasting money.

De-personalize – appealing to a buyer’s broadest possible range of perspective is what you are trying to accomplish. That means that a lot of personal effects need to be removed – family photos, trophies, awards, certificates, toys, and other personal effects.

Organize – you can be sure that any buyer viewing your home will open cabinets and closet doors. Having messy cabinets and closets will give off a negative impression, invoking the image that you haven’t taken care of this home you are trying to sell.

Minor Repairs – repair squeaky doors, tighten loose drawer pulls and/or door knobs, patch any holes in the walls or ceilings, neutral wall colors are preferred, repair or replace any cracked counter or floor tiles, repair or replace any bathroom or kitchen fixtures, repair or replace any broken appliances including the HVAC system.

If you are planning on staging your home on your own, here is an article that offers a lot of helpful and practical advice: 81 Home Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., helps many homeowners, home stagers and realtors prepare a home. We can carefully re-arrange furniture, move furniture and other personal belongings into a storage unit until ready to be moved into the new home, move new furniture you may have purchased for staging into your new home after the sale, and anything else you might need to prepare your home to sell.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., offers the option of BOTH packing, moving and unpacking everything! If during your decluttering process, you find that you have any precious items that you might want sent to family members or friends throughout the United States, we can do that too!

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