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Holiday travel is one of the most exciting vacations to plan. It can also become one of the most extraordinary vacations you have ever planned! You might find that you love your vacation destination so much that you want to make it your new home!  And you might meet the man or woman of your dreams, deciding that moving is coming at the right time in your life!

When planning a holiday vacation, besides the budget, the climate is going to be a major consideration.  If living in a cold climate, you might decide to opt for a warmer experience.  Some people get excited to travel to a colder climate.  Maybe a place with snow!


According to Conde’ Nast, here are the Top holiday destinations for 2019 

If you are looking for a “Christmas” vacation, here are the 9 Best Christmas Vacation Destinations in the United States

Did you ever contemplate the idea of a surprise get-away?  Pack Up + Go is just the place to make that happen! This website plans a surprise 3-day get-away.  All you are required to do is confirm a budget and fill out a quick survey!  What could be more exciting than that?

Conclusion: Holiday Travel plans might turn into something that you never planned when setting out – making a move to live in that spot you just visited!  It might be somewhere in the United States or somewhere around the world.  The reasons vary from person to person.   You might want a new climate, a new life, a new job, or you might just find a suitable companion, your soulmate, you’ve been searching for!  Whatever the reason, moving somewhere new is totally exciting!

If your holiday travels find you making a decision to “pull up stakes”, so to speak,  in order to move to another area of the country or the world, Pack-n-Send, Inc., is ready to lend our help!  We will help you live your dream by BOTH packing and moving you to your new destination!

We are here to be a part of the planning, having over 35+ years experience! Whether moving across town, to another state, or around the world,  you can rely on us from beginning to end!

Happy Holiday Traveling!!

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