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Start to pack earlier than you had planned.  Even if you are sure that you have allocated enough time to pack up your house, you will need more time. You may find drawers that  need to be emptied, or forgotten that you had moved things into your attic.

Remember that you will need  medication, sheets, towels, toiletries and clothes on the day of your move.  You can pack them in boxes marked “open first” or pack everything inside of suitcases. Ask the movers to load these boxes on the truck last, and unload them first.

Mark a separate box with the food that you can eat before you go to the grocery store. Granola bars, bread, and peanut butter are usually good staples to keep out to eat the first day.

Build your boxes ahead of time. Keep these built boxes in a separate room. Once you start to pack, you do not lose momentum by stopping to put together your boxes while you are packing.  Have extra packing tape on hand.

Use large boxes to pack light objects such as towel, sheets, and blankets. Use smaller boxes to move your heavier items.  A heavy large box will take you longer to move than a lightweight large box.

Use wardrobe boxes to move your clothes.  That way you can take them right from the closet rod and put them while they are still on the hangers in the upright wardrobe box. This will keep you from needing to iron these clothes when you get to your new residence.  Clothes that are placed on back seats of cars can slip down to the floor or wrinkle while they are being transported.

When moving dressers, shrink wrap the dresser drawers so that you do not have to take the clothing out of the dresser during a move.  Why move air inside of the drawers if you can save on packing time and effort.

For more help with packing for a move, feel  free to contact us.