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How do you find a company to unload your cargo container?

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Look for  a local moving or  freight preparation company when you need help  unloading cargo containers. Once cargo is received and cleared through customs, you can hire a company to unload the container for you.

They can either unload it at their warehouse, and then deliver your goods to you.  Or, they can send a crew out and unload it at your home or place of business.  They will have the manpower and expertise to unload the container  for you.

If you are asking for a container to be unloaded at your residence, check into homeowners association rules to make sure that the homeowners association will allow the unloading either in your driveway or on the street.  Also check to see if the truck that  has the container loaded onto it will fit on your street. Cul de sacs can often offer logistical problems for the trucks that are carrying the containers.

So how do you find a freight preparation company?  Look for a company that can  pack and ship  freight for you in your local area.  They may be a company that builds custom built crates for their customers. They may advertise pallet shipping or pallet loading. They could be listed under a container loading company. 

Have they had a freight preparation business that has been under multiple names during multiple years? 



Look for business consistency.

For more information about unloading containers,  please feel  free to contact pack n send in Houston. In business since 1981.