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Getting ready for a move can be overwhelming. It is time-consuming and can become complicated.

You have two options to consider.

ONE: We can pack for you! We offer packing and unpacking services! Convenient and stress-free!

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TWO: If you choose to do the packing, we can supply you with everything you need to pack safely and properly.

Pack-n-Send sells new and misprint boxes at very low prices. We sell bubble wrap, peanuts, tape, tape guns, and newsprint.

If you do the packing, here are some necessary tips to get it right:

1. Check that boxes are double taped

Your boxes get you from Point A to Point B. They also protect the items that are most valuable to you. If the bottom of a box breaks, you’ve lost valuable items and time.

TIP: Before filling a box, double tape the bottom and the sides TWICE!

2. Check that you label your boxes correctly

We know that you want to have the least stressful move possible. Your boxes being labeled properly will save you some valuable time.

TIP: Label each box on the top and on one side. Label the contents, area you want the box placed, and any special handling instructions. Mark FRAGILE in large letters, arrows pointing up.

3. Check that boxes are not too heavy

Use your larger boxes for lighter items. Use the smaller boxes for heavier and fragile items. A normal guideline is to limit each box to around 40 or 50 pounds.

Packing a box half-full can damage the box and its contents.

TIP: Heavy items should be in smaller boxes – books, kitchen items, small kitchen appliances, etc. Lighter and fragile items go into larger boxes – bath towels, bedding, clothing, etc.

4. Check that boxes are not overstuffed

If your box loses its shape, you have overstuffed the box! Overstuffing can damage the items inside, make the boxes harder to stack and cause boxes to split open.

Fragile items should never be overstuffed in a box.

TIP: Make sure that the box flaps are easy to close. Check to see if you are adding extra pressure to get the flaps closed and taped.

5. Check that boxes don’t rattle

Items rattling around inside a box can be damaged during a move. Fragile items should be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap for protection.

TIP: You don’t want to hear rattling when you have finished filling and taping your box! Fill in empty spaces with packing peanuts, paper, or bubble wrap.

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