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 When shipping medical equipment internationally, it is essential to find a shipping company that has experience with shipping delicate and valuable items. Doctor’s offices, universities, hospitals, and non-profits all need to ship medical equipment and sometimes they are shipping to an overseas destination. This just increases the importance of proper packing and shipping to make sure all items arrive in good condition.

One of the most important things about shipping internationally is the paperwork involved. An experienced shipping company will know how to prepare all international paperwork that allows such items to cross country borders. Companies or individuals shipping medical equipment certainly don’t want to deal with any hang ups due to logistics when it comes to shipping such important items.

Shipping companies see all sorts of medical equipment shipped for a variety of reasons. For example, medical practices often sell their old equipment when upgrading, and many times the sale is overseas. As diagnostics continue to advance and various technologies become more common, the necessity for medical equipment shipping grows. Universities adding campuses or doing clinics in foreign counties may need to ship medical equipment overseas.

Medical items shipped are generally very valuable and need to be handled with extreme care. People ship diagnostic machines like MRI’s, exam tables, lab equipment, therapy equipment, and more. Each item has different needs when it comes to shipping. The right packing and shipping company will address each item individually to make sure it is packed securely. Some medical items like microscopes are small and delicate. Lenses and arms need to be carefully wrapped and packed to avoid breaking. Other medical items like an x-ray machine are bulky and heavy. Each require expertise to pack and ship.

If you or your medical practice need to ship medical equipment overseas, contact us at Pack-n-Send.