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Guide to Shipping Antiques and Artwork

Many antiques are considered priceless because they are peculiar in design and craftsmanship. Antiques not only possess great historic value, but they also hold great sentimental value as well.

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Who ships antiques and artwork?

  • Antique galleries
  • Artists
  • Auction houses
  • Beneficiaries in an Estate Distribution
  • Collectors
  • Independent sellers
  • Furniture restorers
  • Museums

What artwork is commonly shipped?

  • Museum pieces
  • Collectibles
  • One-of-a-kind pieces
  • Family produced artwork

Special Restoration

Pack-n-Send, Inc., can transport your antique(s) and artwork to your special craftsman and we can bring back your item(s) when complete.

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How to prepare your artwork for shipping

  • Have your pieces appraised
  • Photograph each piece from all angles

How to prepare your antiques for shipping

  • Remove loose shelves or drawers
  • Avoid using tape to secure doors and drawers shut as this will ruin the finish

Tip: Inform your movers about pieces you have removed, including every delicate area that could be prone to impacts during the move. Not only is tape damaging, but professional movers use different methods to hold and secure antiques, such as shrink wrap.

All factors are considered for appropriate containers and cushioning requirements to ensure your items arrive on time and free from damage. Some of those considerations include: product size, value, fragility, pickup conditions, transport mode, environmental mode, environmental climate factors, final destination requirements.

At Pack-n-Send, Inc., we anticipate the issues and challenges involved in getting your antiques and artwork to their final destination. Because your antiques and artwork may be fragile, very old, valuable or large, we design the right custom packaging and crating solutions. We specialize in packing materials and techniques including custom cushioning, blocking, bracing, and custom crating to secure your shipment.

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Pack-n-Send, Inc., established in 1981, also has International expertise that ensures your antiques meet all complex customs regulations.

You care about your antiques and artwork, and so do we! That is why we know that you do not want

to entrust your valuable pieces to a traditional company who will cram you beautiful and fragile objects into a semi-truck!

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