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Preparing for a successful trade show event doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. We are offering you some tips in order to be well represented and to show how we can help you in the process!

Pack-n-send can build your custom crates and ship your merchandise on pallets for your trade show! Having that knowledge, let’s get started on how to plan ahead for a successful trade show!

Step One: Find the purpose of your marketing strategy

Step Two: Lay out your Budget

Step Three: Write out your Exhibit Plan

Step Four: Preparing to Pack

Step Five: Contact the Venue – check in with event staff well in advance and ask these questions:

Here is a convenient list of items you do not want to forget!

Step Five: Follow up!

The show is not over!

You do not want your time and money spent to show nothing for your effort. Send an email thanking for attendance and offering a time to review your products and services.

Pack-n-Send, Inc., has all the packing and shipping solutions your company needs.

Call us for assistance: 713-266-1450

Get a free quote: Preparing for a Trade Show

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