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Shipping a package internationally, or shipping cargo internationally is easy when you follow a few simple suggestions.

Since the shipping charges are based on dimensions, weight, value and ultimate destination, you will need to have all of these on hand when you  request a shipping quote.

If you decide that you are relocating internationally, you need to look at booking a shipment either by the cubic meter, or plan to use a 20 foot or a 40 foot shipping container.

If you are shipping to Viet Nam, be sure to go over the list of items that are either prohibited or restricted from shipping into Viet Nam

Based on the USPS website, there are limited quantities of the following items that can be shipped into Viet Nam.



Quantity Limit





Beans (all kinds)

Dried Manioc

Dried sweet potatoes


Cooked fat

Dried meat

Salted meat

Dried fish

Dried cuttlefish

200 g

500 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

1000 g

Viet Nam is a diverse beautiful country to travel to. It hosts fifty four different ethnic groups,with Kinh people making up  eighty seven per cent of the population.

When visiting, be sure to check out the street food.  Check out the pho. It is a soup with rice noodles and often contains meat. Spices are added to make it extra tasty.

The cultural diversity of Viet Nam shows up when looking at the north vs. the south. The norther part of Vier Nam has the cultural influence from China, while the south show the influences of both Laos and Cambodia.

For information about shipping goods to Viet Nam, please feel free to contact us. We will pack and ship your goods to Viet Nam. Pack n send has been in business in Houston since 1981.