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If you are relocating to a new country, there are few rules that you need to follow.

Do not pack anything that is considered hazardous or flammable.

Get a list from the country that you are moving to of the banned or prohibited items.  Items such as playing cards, religious items, clocks, compact discs, cameras, coffee, cosmetics and airline tickets  are banned by different countries. Since every country has its own specific list of prohibited items, you need to acquire a complete list of the prohibited items  before you start to pack.  Some countries require import licenses for medication before medicines are allowed to be imported.

Make a complete list of every item inside of each box.  Number the boxes and attach the packing list to  the outside of each box.  Keep the list in a computer file, so that the list can be downloaded and copied onto the Commercial Invoice and the packing list.

Assign a value to each and every item that you pack. The Commercial  Invoice requires that a total value is assigned to the shipment.

If the shipment is valued at greater than $2500, additional customs paperwork will need to be paid for and processed.

Have the address and phone  number and individuals name on the paperwork.

Plan ahead of time.  Since ships do not sail daily, the shipment will need to be delivered to the port right ahead of the sail date. You do not want to accumulate storage charges at the port. Check to see how long it will take for the ship to arrive at the port. You will need to have a customs clearing agent arranged ahead of time.  We recommend giving both your phone number and email address to the customs clearing agent.

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