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Freight shipping is used by businesses throughout the world. While freight that goes overseas is considered cargo. Cargo shippingit is still a form of freight.

For ocean shipping,  goods can be loaded onto pallets and consolidated into shipping containers.  Twenty foot shipping containers and forty foot containers are used often.  High cube containers are used when a little more space is needed.

Automobiles are often shipped inside of containers.  Cars can be shipped on ships without using a shipping container.  This is called a roll on roll off move. While this is usually a less costly shipping option, it is not offered  on all ships or into all ports. Vehicles must have a clear title before they can leave the United States.

Medical equipment is often shipped inside of containers as well.  Medical practices throughout the United States sell used equipment. As older doctors retire or sell their practices, medical equipment shipping both domestically and internationally has become big business. It can be everything from small tools to larger pieces of medical equipment. There are auction houses that specialize in selling only used medical equipment.  Of course new medical  equipment ships out on a daily basis as well. While some of  the equipment can be packed into boxes and loaded onto a pallet, we recommend having a custom crate built for the larger, valuable and delicate medical equipment.

 Bicycles, motorcycles and surfboards are shipped via freight as well.  Customers who want to tour Europe on their own bicycle or motorcycle are known to pay for shipping both to and from Europe.  If either of these items are shipped inside of custom built crates, we recommend that reusable crates are built and then saved and used for reshipping.

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