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Freight shipping will run smoothly when you follow a few simple recommendations.

Ask your customer for the  receivers,  name, company name, address and phone number. Verify this information  before the shipment goes out.  The freight company will call in advance to schedule the delivery. They will not show up unless they have verified that the recipient will be there.  If they make an appointment with your receiver and the receiver is not there, there will be additional charges that are incurred.

Ask  the freight shipment is going to a commercial address or to a residence.  Businesses that are located in residences will still be billed as a shipment going to a business.

Ask if there is a loading dock at the pick up and the delivery facility. Check to see if there is easy access to the loading dock. If there is no loading dock then a truck with a lift gate will be needed. Most freight companies charge extra  for using trucks with lift gates.

Will the freight that you are shipping fit inside of the freight truck. Check with the freight company that you are using for the maximum height, width, weight  and depth of your freight shipment. Over size shipment may need to ship out on a flat bed truck.

Will a large truck be able to access the loading dock, or will a small truck be needed in order facilitate the delivery?

Check on the freight receiving hours. Does the  business receive freight between the hours of eight am to five pm, or do they only receive freight shipments at specified times?

These are just a few freight shipping suggestions. Special care and instructions need to be followed when packing freight for shipping on a freight truck.

For more information about shipping freight on a truck, please feel free to contact us. Pack n send in Houston has been in business since 1981 and can pack freight for you and your company.