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The most important and first step involving freight shipping is to make a complete and proper list of all the items you will be shipping in order to get the most accurate quote for the shipping cost.

After getting a quote for your shipping cost, whether shipping domestically or internationally, there are five major elements involved – preparing package(s), stacking goods, labeling shipment, bill of lading and tracking.

Preparing Your Packages – All items should be packed tightly. If all items are not secured and packed tightly, damage can occur when any item(s) remaining are loosely packed and move around in a container during the shipping process. Pack tight – save money from possible damage!

Proper Stacking of Goods – All containers are properly stacked when they are squared (according to weight) on a pallet with no overhang and banded or stretch-wrapped. Squaring a pallet is simply placing all containers in columns, having the containers placed corner-to-corner and edge-to-edge. When stretch-wrapped or banded, this gives the whole pallet its best stability and stacking strength. We recommend banding for shipping when goods are placed on a pallet.

Labeling Your Shipment – It is important that your labels be legible, and complete when time to place on your shipping containers.

Completing the Bill of Lading – The bill of lading is very import as it serves as a legal contract between the shipper and the carrier. It conveys what is being shipped, all parties involved, where the shipment is coming from and the shipping destination.

Tracking Your Shipment – You will see, at this point of the shipping process, the importance of visible labeling. It is here where tracking your shipment becomes much easier, which in turn, saves you money. If any problem should occur, during the process of shipping, your goods are easier to track when the labels are easy to locate and read.

Whether you are looking to ship components domestically or internationally, Pack-n-Send, Inc., with our 35+ years of experience, can PACK and SEND anything by box, crate or pallet!

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