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Freight Shipping Antique Furniture: What You Need to Know

If you are an antique furniture store owner or general resident in Houston, Texas, with expensive wood or another style of valuable furniture, here’s what you need to know about freight shipping. Since freight shipping antique furniture includes a higher level of care and potentially sentimental value, there is keen attention to detail needed in the process.

While the domestic freight options for shipping antique furniture are a tad more plentiful, the international freight options can get a bit more complicated.

Preparing Antique Furniture for Freight Shipping

Here are some things to do with preparing antique furniture as noted by UShip Guides:

With these helpful tips, one should have a better understanding of how fragile antique furniture is and why it has to be prepped in a certain way. It is best to consider the different approaches that exist for domestic and international shipping of antique furniture.

Tips From The Smithsonian

Indeed, the United States Smithsonian Museum Institute even noted about preparing furniture to be moved that “most furniture and other objects require several types of protection.  These may be single-purpose layers or multi-purpose ones.”  With items like antique furniture, having highly expensive pieces shipped as international freight or domestic freight will need crating and also proper wrapping.

Some other helpful tips that the Smithsonian Museum Institute provided in their blog included the point that “most damage to furniture occurs because of human use, abuse, and accidents.” The Smithsonian Museum Institute also noted that “most accidental damage occurs during handling and movement of furniture. Some of these hints will seem more appropriate in a collection or historic house museum, but you may still find them helpful in your home.”

Freight Shipping Services For Antique Furniture

The good news is that in many cases, freight shipping services work with you on your furniture and equipment that needs to be shipped out of the city or state. Freight can be delivered to any home using a liftgate truck or delivered to a business that has a loading dock for easier transfers of furniture. Freight delivered to a business is typically less expensive than freight delivered to a residence.

Most standard freight deliveries can be scheduled a day in advance. It is best to make sure that the recipient is there to sign for the freight in all cases, especially with antique furniture.

Contact Pack n Send For More Information!

You can always use a professional packing company or a professional crating company to pack and ship your antique furniture.

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