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Ltl ( less than truckload)freight shipping is an easy way to move small amounts of freight all over the country.  You can ask for the freight to be delivered to a freight receiving warehouse.

Inside of this warehouse, the freight can be unloaded from the pallet and inspected. You can ask for the freight receiving company to deliver the freight to your home or business. As an alternative, you can skip the freight receiving warehouse and ask for the freight to be delivered to your home with curbside delivery. It can also be delivered to your business this way.


You can receive freight shipping quotes from various carriers.  Be sure to ask for the time in transit.  Expedited shipments will carry higher  prices than standard freight shipping. Be sure to have the address and phone number for the person or company receiving the freight. The company moving your goods will call to set up the delivery.

The LTL rates you receive will  partially depend on the item  that you are shipping. Different goods are assigned different freight classes in order to price the shipment. Destination zip codes and distance also figure in the freight cost calculation.

If you can ship your goods to a business with a loading dock, you can save on lift gate truck fees.

Most freight is shipped on standard size pallets.  The size of the pallets are forty eight inches by forty inches. We recommend keeping the pallet height under 90 inches so that they will easily fit inside of the freight truck.  Pallets should be reinforced with one by fours in order to prevent the freight from moving while it is on the truck,  and being loaded and unloaded. We recommend using metal strapping to secure your goods to a pallet.

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