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Freight Shipping Across the Ocean


Overseas shipping can certainly be something we take for granted as both consumers and as producers! Many of us just have packages dropped off at the doors of our homes or businesses without giving much thought to the process of how those boxes got there. In this blog post, we want to talk about freight shipping and which methods of international shipping are appropriate in different situations.

When You Should Use Casual International Shipping

Sea freight is the way most items are shipped internationally. As a casual user of international shipping however, this might not be the method for you. If you are just sending a gift to friends or family members who live in another country, your regular courier mail service will do the trick—think USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

When You Should Use Sea Frieght

When you have a large or heavy amounts of freight, however, you will need to work with a freight forwarding company to access sea freight. This will involve palletizing your cargo, loading it into a cargo container, loading the cargo container onto a cargo ship, and then traveling across the ocean.

There are many ocean shipping companies based out of countries all over the world. Texas Freight International is a company that ships overseas out of the Port of Houston. They are focused on finding the best rates for customers, and they are also licensed to ship out of other U.S. ports. Kintetsu World Express is a freight company based out of Asia, and they may be the ones bringing your freight to the States if you have goods produced in China!

When looking for international shipping, sea freight is the best choice if you want the most economical option. While it’s true that larg shipments can travel more quickly via air, this option is much more costly.

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