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As we head into the fall and winter seasons, people are spending more time inside of their homes and businesses.   Companies are gearing up for the holiday season. What do these things have in common?  We start to notice belongings or inventory that we need move to different location.

For our household items, we may decide to purchase new furniture. The old furniture can be donated locally , or better yet,  sent on a freight truck to a relative that can make use of  the furniture. While a small load move truck may work, using cross country movers,  or sending a single piece of furniture on a truck may work for easily accessible locations, a freight shipping  truck may be needed for an out of the way shipping destination.  Vermont  and Washington state come  to mind here.  Furniture can be packed, strapped to a pallet and delivered on a freight truck with curbside delivery.

What about inventory?  Inventory can also be picked up and strapped to a pallet and delivered with curbside delivery. Recommend using cardboard to wrap around the inventory, 1″ x 4″ pieces of wood on the pallet runnnig up the sides of the pallet. This will prevent the inventory from moving around during the moving process.

Feight handlers will not be able to see the inventory if you have the cardboard protecting the inventory. Black stretch wrap should also be added to the outside of the shipment. You want your inventory to be secure, and do not want  freight handlers to see the contents of the pallet that is being shipped.

With freight delivery, you can schedule the freight delivery with the freight company. Do not sign for the pallet until you have unloaded the pallet and made sure that everything on the pallet arrived in good condition. Once the freight company leaves the destination, they have no liability for the goods that they delivered. If there is any damage, be sure to note it on the paperwork that the freight delivery driver has you sign, and make a copy of this paperwork.

For more information about freight preparation and freight shipping, feel free to contact  us. Pack n send in Houston has been in business since 1981.