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Whether you are an independent shopper or a thriving small business, the products you purchase still need an organized way to reach to your location.   We all understand that retail goods are transported by trucks, trains, boats, and planes, but it might not be obvious what happens in the warehouses along the way.   Especially when you purchase from an online store, your goods are not always handled solely by who you’re buying from.  A logistics company will help with shipping, but distribution of goods is handled by a receiving and delivery warehouse. This is especially understandable when purchasing larger items, which need a large amount of space and good organization to store, package, and deliver.  This is where “freight receiving” comes into play, as products will be delivered to a rece3iving warehouse  and then  sent straight to your location.   

There are a variety of services that a freight receiving warehouse will provide

  1. Receiving of goods for later delivery
  2. Marking of goods as requested by retail customers
  3. Organization of pre-set delivery times and dates for our customers.
  4. Double-checking retail goods
  5. And finally delivery to you or your final customer

International customers will often need additional services when they exhibit at trade shows in the United States.   The goods are delivered to a  receiving warehouses and then the arrangements are made  for the goods to be delivered  to their final destination. Look for a company that can pack and ship and also receive retail goods.

Overall “freight receiving” of retail goods and other items simply involves using a freight receiving warehouse  to temporarily store, manage, and finally address the product or products to your company or private home.  Good examples of those who use these services include interior decorators (for handling furniture), online stores, and retailers. 

Please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston with questions about shipping freight and having it delivered to your final customer.