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When you need freight shipping, it’s important to do your research.  You need to know certain essential bits of information to make sure your load arrives at its destination, on time undamaged and preferably under, if not within, your budget. Here a few things you should know when dealing with a freight shipping company.

Record Highly Accurate Freight Information

Detailed information on the dimensions of a load is essential, as incorrectly quoting freight dimensions such as length, width, and height can result in costly delays. Make sure to round all dimensions to the next number and remember that LTL carriers primarily rely on freight dimensions being predetermined to set the number of individual loads designated for a particular truck. This is also important when shipping freight inside of a container, though the dimensions of the container will also need to be addressed. Remember, to make sure the company is aware of the freight class and the weight of the shipment when calling for a quote.

Make a Note of Oversized Items or Shipments

Some Items can often require additional space and due to their shape, size, or weight, they may be subject to increased shipping rates. Remember that freight shipping rates are tabulated based on the weight, dimensions, and several other cargo- oriented factors. Having the right measurements and weights lets carriers furnish affordable options that best-suit your shipping needs.  Also, if additional services are required, the representative that quotes you the rate can help you figure them out.   Considering the size and weight of your shipment, you might be able to top ask for quotes for truckload prices and less-than-truckload. 

Use Proper Care and Packaging to Protect Cargo

In order to help secure your freight while in transit, it is essential that the load is crated or palletized for freight shipments and remember that the standard pallet size is 40” x 48”. Furniture from offices and homes can be put on pallets and shipped as long as they are properly secured. Properly packaging your load saves money and time. When it comes to shipments that cannot be packaged properly, there are still some options available to you based on your shipment’s weight and dimensions. It may be best to use a custom built crate. If you are shipping freight internationally it’s important that, the wooden pallets are properly heat treated to prevent the infestation of pests.

Understand the Requirements of Shipment Locations

Again it’s important to provide all the information that you can in regards to the origin and destination of the shipping order. This information will help carriers anticipate what they need to do with your shipment when it reaches the loading dock. All sorts of items can be shipped via freight including art, desks, sofas, antiques, automobiles, motorcycles, pianos, and tables but they need to be handled and packaged properly.

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