Houston furniture shipper discusses help packing an estate.


packing an estate-1.jpgWhen a loved one passes and it is time to take care of their things, it is often a large and emotional job. While some family might be local, items may need to be shipped to family members in different locations. We want to talk about some of the different steps you may need to take when packing an estate.

  • Antique shipping: There may be  antiques and collectibles that are valuable and/or family heirlooms. It is up to the family to decide if you want to sell these items. If they are valuable they may want to  distribute them among the family. If you need to ship antiques, either to a buyer or family member, a shipping company can blanket wrap antiques and ship them with movers, pack and crate fragile items like lamps or chandeliers, and even ship things overseas if needed.
  • Storage: Those handling an estate might not be able to come right away to deal with it. Or they may not know what do it with it at first. A packing and shipping company can pack up an estate and move it to a storage unit so you can sort through it and decide what to do with each item when the time is right for you.

At Pack n Send, we can sensitively help you pack and ship the estate of a loved one as needed. We ship antiques, move estates into storage and pack, move and ship furniture after a loved one has passed away.

 Contact us today for a quote or to get more details on our estate shipping process.  We are a Houston furniture shipper that  can pack, move and ship both furniture and valuable possessions.