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3 Steps to Find a Family-Friendly Houston Mover

You have decided to move into a new home which is exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. If your move involves children, the experience can be even more stressful. Kids view their bedrooms as a safe and comfortable space that holds all their priceless treasures. Finding a mover that will handle a beloved rainbow bed and princess desk with care is key. There are various types of moving companies with different levels of service offered. Three simple steps can help you find the best family-friendly Houston mover for your customized needs.

1. Consider Which Houston Mover Works Best for Your Family’s Needs

If you are looking in the Houston area, choose a company with a steadfast history of making moves in Houston. Perhaps you only need assistance with packing a kid’s closet full of clothes, toys, and stuffed animals. It is important to choose a  moving service that has years of experience in packing finger paintings, wrapping watercolor window coverings, and boxing up cherished family heirlooms. Wrapping up a wooden rocking chair and a crystal set can be harder than you think!

2. Determine Which Houston Mover is Best to Transport Your Family’s Valuables 

With experience comes expertise. Make sure you pick a company that values each item as much as you and your children do. Perhaps you need help with moving your child’s large bedroom furniture into a storage unit. Pick a family-friendly moving company with experience to gently pack and transport your daughter’s first cradle or your fragile wedding china.

If you are moving to another city or even an international destination, many companies offer freight services. Companies can pack up your entire house and can ship items through various carriers. You can pack up your child’s room, backyard tools, and favorite den chairs to transport cross country.

3. Research Houston Movers That Have Experience Working With Families 

Look at the company’s background and years of working with families. A mover should have a proven record of packing, crating, and shipping delicate items such as computers and electronics. Choose a Houston moving service that is reliable and dependable when it comes to your child’s cherished things.

Moving Into a New Home Doesn’t Have to be Hard!

After considering these three issues, create a contract with the Houston moving service that works best for you. Moving into a new home does not have to be a negative experience for you or your family. An experienced moving company will ease your stress and make the transition to your new house smooth and simple.

Pack n Send had been the go to family-friendly Houston mover since 1981! Whether you need help moving to a new suburb of Houston or across the country, we can help. Contact us today to learn more!