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After a love one passes away, there is usually furniture and household goods to take out of the home or apartment. Instead of donating the furniture and mementos, why not ship them to relatives and friends throughout the United States. Estate moving of small items and estate furniture shipping require that specific questions are asked of the packing, moving and shipping company.

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You can deliver something as small as a piece of silverware up to a car.  You can have artwork packed in boxes for shipping or shipped inside a custom built crate.

Check with the shipping company that you use that they can move  small boxes, or even place furniture on a pallet for shipping. See if they can ship a single piece of furniture overseas or anywhere in the United States.

The company that you choose should be able to pick up, pack and deliver to multiple locations. A small package to Oregon, and household furniture to Maine should be able to be handled by the same company.

Make sure that the company can supply shipping and packing boxes. They should offer to either pack for you, or offer guidance so that you can pack on your own if you would like to do that.

They should ask you for the value of the estate items that you are shipping. You want to be covered in case of loss or damage during the shipping process.

When looking for a company to pack and send or pack and ship for you, try to locate a one stop shop, so that you have less work to do at a stressful time in your life.

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