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After a loved one passes away,  furniture and belongings usually need to be either donated or shipped to family members.  Packing an estate requires working closely with a packing and moving company.

Furniture and collectibles usually  need to be divided between family members. Even if every family member cannot make it into town to help with the sorting, there are ways to deliver both furniture and other items throughout the country. You can always Facetime a family member as you walk through the house. This can help you share memories as well as decide which items each family member has requested.  As an alternative, you can take  pictures of each item in question and text them to people that are out of town. This let each family member have a say in the items that they would like to receive.

Let’s  start with dividing  up possessions.  You can mark each item to be packed and moved with various color sticky notes. That way the movers can load each person’s request together in the truck.  If there is furniture to be moved, it is best to ship it all at one time.  You can add smaller items to the furniture move. If there are only pictures, china, clothing ,etc. send this all at one time. Shipping at different times will cost more money.

If you need appraisals done before anything can be moved, hire a certified appraiser. That way when you value the furniture or high value goods during moving, you know that you have the correct values placed on these items. If you are donating items, let the movers know where you want them taken. Be sure to ask for a donation receipt.

If there are items that you do not want, and do not want to donate, you can hire a company to hold an estate sale for you.

For information about estate furniture shipping and packing  an estate, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston.