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What You Need to Know About Equipment Shipping

Shipping your heavy equipment to a new home, office, or work site can be a bit daunting. After all, this heavy equipment can be expensive and it is important to make sure that your equipment arrives in one piece. The size of the equipment is going to determine which carriers will help you with your shipping needs. Here are some tips for equipment shipping!

Small items can be boxed, larger high value items may need a custom built crate. Some items may be wrapped and then placed on a pallet for freight shipping.

What You Need to Know About Equipment Shipping

Here are some questions that you need to answer about your heavy equipment before you contact a shipping company:

Packing Your Equipment for Equipment Shipping

Research and hire a professional packing company. Remember when packing it yourself that improper packaging may decrease or possibly invalidate the liability of the carrier for any damages or loss. If you cannot put the equipment in a crate or a box, it can be palletized. A professional packing company can box, crate or palletize your shipment.. If you are still worried about the equipment being packed correctly , simply contact us to discuss your concerns.

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Overall, if you take the time to prepare your equipment and choose a carrier that specializes in transporting various forms of equipment, shipping it to a new location should be an easy and stress free process! For more information about equipment shipping, please contact us today!