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No matter the size of the business you work for or own, when it comes to electronic shipping it is a little nerve-racking.Businesses moving locations or upgrading their systems may have hundreds thousands of dollars of electronics they are moving. If you need packing in Houston or any other US city  to move your electronics to another location, or would like to make sure a delivery of new technology gets their safely, a shipping company with plenty of electronic packing expertise is essential.  If you are shipping servers or computers or moving them locally, you will need to find the right packing, moving and shipping company.

The right  company will evaluate the need and determine the best way to pack and ship your electronics. Electronics can be packed in boxes and then palletized with 1×4 inch Styrofoam frames and thick cardboard. Then the shippers can place a protective wrap around the entire pallet for additional security. Not to mention, a shipping company can do the packing and crating to make the process simpler.

Sometimes a business needs to ship just one computer or one server. The right shipping company will be happy to help you ship one item, not just large volumes. Shipper may  use anti-static plastic wrap or bubble wrap to make sure the item is secure and then place  the item is put in a double walled box

Shipping electronics needs to be done with extreme care by professionals. The electronics that help your business run are valuable and you don’t have the time or desire to replace them. If you need to find packing in Houston and and need help to pack and send with your electronics shipping contact us today at Pack-n-Send.