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There are many options for packaging when moving your items.   You likely have read recommendations on what materials to use for your containers, and you may already know methods of securing such content with straps, packing peanuts, and other methods.   This is because each item has its own requirements for being secured properly or to otherwise avoid damage while in transit to its new location.   However, you may wonder how a price-less violin or a wine glass would be properly snug and safe in a standard issue box.   In all likelihood, you are right to be concerned.  Optimally an irregular item needs a custom container.

That is why we in Houston, as well as many other cities, offer custom crating options.   In the case of the violin, a crate can be constructed on-site to fit its particular dimensions and to make sure that any shaking or rocking is minimized.   Artwork, porcelain sculptures, and practically anything fragile could require a solution created specifically for the item in mind.

You may notice that many objects that can take advantage of custom crating, such as computers and paintings, have been shipped using standard boxes by companies and individuals.  Whether to take on the added expense of a custom crate depends truthfully on the value and fragility of the object.  As a Houston art shipping company we consider that  a regular painting may not need a crate, a centuries-old antique probably will.  Consult with an experience packing, shipping and crating company about custom packing and custom crating needs. A crate may  be needed  for a large painting, or for an expensive piece of medical equipment. Medical equipment shipping often times requires crating due to the delicate nature and high value of the medical equipment.

For more information on how we custom crate,  be sure to contact us. We can answer questions about transporting your valuables.