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Do I need a Freight Forwarding Service?

What is a Freight Forwarding Service?

Freight Forwarders often contract with a carrier or multiple carriers to move goods, taking the burden off the Client.
International shipping can be much more difficult than domestic shipping.
A Freight Forwarding service acts as a mediator between you and whatever transportation is needed to get your goods delivered. – ship, trucks, rail or air!

So, what will a Freight Forwarding Service do for me?

1. Advise you on how to effectively and efficiently move your goods from one location to another.
2. Arrange storage and shipping of your merchandise.
3. Prepare the required documents for your shipping and import/export goods.
4. Handle regulations and custom laws of various countries.
5. Track your transportation along the way.
6. Book cargo space.
7. Negotiate Freight charges. When we receive discounts with our carriers, we pass that savings on to you!
8. File insurance claims.

Conclusion: We recommend using a company that can pack your freight for you and arrange freight forwarding.

Look for a service that offers valuation coverage from the time your goods are picked up until they are delivered to another city or to the port destination.

Pack-n-send has contacts and resources that we have established for over 25 years in the business!

Let us take the burden off of you for a safe and smooth move for all of your goods and cargo.


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