Denmark-Rules for International Shipping

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While this blog is about shipping to Denmark, here are some interesting facts about Denmark.

  • The capital city of Copenhagen is situated on the Island of Zealand.
  • The famous Tivoli amusement is located in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is the city that is has the highest tourism of all Nordic cities.
  • The LEGO was invented in Denmark, and the company headquarters and Lego land are located in Denmark.
  • Denmark has seventy inhabited islands of four hundred and forty three islands.
  • Denmark boasts beautiful beaches. Approximately, sixty five per cent of Denmark is farmland.
  • Based on standards of health, education and welfare, survey rank Denmark as one of the happiest places to live in the world.
  • Denmark has one of the highest number of Nobel Prize winners per capita for any country in the world.

Now for some rules to follow when shipping items into Denmark.

In order to import Danish and foreign stocks, Danish stocks , bonds, and coupons the person the package is addressed to must have clearance from the National Bank of Denmark.

Both weapons and cigarettes are prohibited from being sent into Denmark.

Playing cards may not be sent into Denmark.

For more prohibited items, you can look at the link below to the United States Postal Service.

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