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Freight shipping is a massive component of the merchandising industry. Whether it’s a load of toys or clothing for a retail store, a weekly delivery of canned goods to a small-town grocery store, or a lumber of raw material to a manufacturer, the highways and interstates are packed with trucks hauling loads of freight.

Preparing for a Freight Warehouse Delivery

It would be great if a load of freight arrived at its destination and was immediately tagged and put on store shelves, but that’s rarely how things work. Most retailers order more freight than they have room for in their actual store. Most of the freight is stored in a warehouse until it’s eventually needed.

Proper preparation and solid communication between the retailer and the freight shipping company are key aspects of a successful freight delivery.

The best way to ensure that the freight delivery process goes smoothly is by working closely with the freight shipping company to confirm exactly what will be arriving, the date, and the approximate time the driver will arrive in the warehouse lot.

While you wait for the freight order to arrive, you should prep the warehouse for the order. To ensure a smooth unloading process, have plenty of staff on duty to help unload the truck, already have a space where the shipment will go, and have any scanners and printers on hand if additional identification labels need to be attached to the boxes.

Receiving a Freight Warehouse Delivery

At the time the freight warehouse delivery is scheduled to arrive, the individual in charge of accepting and overseeing the delivery should be at the warehouse, ready to greet the freight driver. As the truck is unloaded, the person in charge is responsible for double checking that the information on the packages matches the invoice. Each container should be examined as it’s unloaded because damaged containers or containers with broken seals will need to be set aside.

The more organized the acceptance and transfer of the freight warehouse delivery is, the less stressful and more cost effective the process of accepting orders becomes.

Contact us if you have any questions about how the freight warehouse delivery process works. We’re happy to provide suggestions for making the process smoother for everyone involved.