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Custom Crating for Your Unusual and Unique Items

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How Does Custom Crating Work?

When moving fragile and valuable items, oftentimes the best way to do so is by asking a moving company to make custom crates for your items. This means the moving/packing company will come evaluate your fragile items beforehand to determine the best way to move them and collect dimensions. The custom crating begins when carpenters make the crate in a warehouse. They then take the crate to the job site, place the item inside, and close up the crate. Very delicate items may be moved to the crating warehouse to be blocked and braced before they are shipped.

Common items for custom crating include chandeliers, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, expensive collector’s items, mirrors, and other breakable and irreplaceable items. But movers also end up crating some not-so-common items too. Here are a two stories of unusual items that require crating.

Custom Crating for Taxidermied Animals

Joshua Green, a moving professional and writer, talks about moving taxidermied animals in a blog post. In one situation Green spoke of, moving professionals had been warned before a job that the home belonged to an avid hunter that kept many trophy animals around the home. Movers came face to face with various heads and stuffed animals. But the one that topped it all was an 8-foot tall bear! 

Crating for The Vatican Library

Imagine being a moving company called up to give a bid on moving one of the most priceless libraries in all of humanity! In a blog post by Martin Panayotov, Panayotov interviews the moving company that ended up getting the job. The job including moving some of the oldest books and documents that exist today. The process involved removing all the books and manuscripts during the refurbishment of the library and then returning the texts to the library when the job was done. Check out the aforementioned link to read the fascinating details.

Contact Pack n Send With Your Custom Crating Needs

While these are just a few examples of items that needed custom crates, Pack n Send has had our own fair share of unusual instances requiring custom crating. We too have moved a taxidermied bear (a polar bear no less!), an airplane from an amusement park ride, and a computerized dragon, just to name a few.

For more information about custom crating your unique and unusual valuables, contact us today!