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When transporting items, it is vital for your valuables to arrive safely and securely, especially when sending high-value and delicate goods. To ensure these valuable arrive safely, it is important to pack them effectively so that they make it to their destination in immaculate condition.

4_3_2015_boat_crate_040.jpgIt is important to note that the best way to ship a delicate item may be to use custom crating. This method allows for any item to be shipped securely, as a crate is built to meet the required dimensions of your valuable item and tailored packaging required to secure it safely within the crate.

One example of custom crating is to crate paintings by building custom crates. To crate paintings, effective approaches include strategically encloses the paintings, which provides maximum protection that can withstand shipment. Some paintings may require being wrapped in special paper that used specifically for shipping before being crated. This extra layer provides additional protection. Building custom crating for paintings maximizes the security of artwork by preventing movement within the crate, and defense against damage.

Custom crates are  built by taking measurements that will guarantee and exact fit for safe travel. This measurement accounts for the proper padding required for even the most delicate objects, like glass chandeliers. Chandeliers  will actually be hung in the custom crate, and Styrofoam will line the inside. Depending on the type of chandelier, it may be braced or the spaces within the crate may be filled with peanuts.

For more details on custom crating and crate paintings solutions in the Houston area, please visit our website. Pack and send will help you with all of your packing, crating and shipping needs.