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Custom made boxes can be made for shipping artwork. Once a boxing company knows the dimensions of  a painting i.e., the length, width and height, they can build your custom made box.  If it is a high value painting that you would like to ship, then  a custom built crate may be  your best option.

When you are shipping inside  a crate, different types of wood may need to be used .  Shipping International freight from Houston, requires that heat treated wood is used to build the crate. If you want to pack and send a painting to New York, then you do not need to use this stamped heat treated  wood.

So if you need custom boxing in Houston, or a custom wood crate built in Biloxi, look for a company that specializes in using appropriate packing materials that will take into account both the size of the painting, as well as the value of the painting that is being shipped.

Feel free to contact pack n send in Houston, if you have questions about the right type of packing material to use when you are shipping a painting.